Wrecking Ball 6'2 - Fusion HD

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This board is brand new, unridden and has only been used as display board. It is in perfect condition.

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Product description

Taking hints from an experimental board made in 1977 made by Ben Aipa, The Wrecking Ball is the High Performance / Super Groveler that fills the void between Fish and HP Shortboards that brings together all the design qualities needed to pack a ton of action into a small board.

The squatty broad outline in the front half of the board gives it paddle/planing dominance while the inclusion of the unmistakable Aipa STING (wing)  abruptly breaks the outline to bring in a pulled in performance hip curve that meets a full tail section with a double pronged bat tail that feels like a combo of swallow and squash tails for lift and bite allowing the board to be highly responsive for tight radius turns without sacrificing drive.

Updated with high-performance bottom contours, the Wrecking Balls main feature is the hydroplane speed boat inspired “Bevel Rails”. This 45 degree split rail design element provides increased lift, rail to rail reduced surface area for heightened performance, and positive rail control for carves..

When the rest of the crowd is struggling on their standard shortboards, the Wrecking Ball will give you the power to drive down the line with unparalleled speed and bash through sections without remorse (with a devilish grin on your face..)

Wave range: Below average to above average/ waist high to overhead.

Use in conditions you would either use a groveler or ditch your shortboard on good days for a new sensation.

Fin Configuration:  Quad on average basis to overhead, switch to thruster for over head high for added holding power.

Design Range: 5’0” to 6’4”

Target Sizing: 2-5” below standard shortboard with 1-3 L added volume depending on skill level.

Fin Box:





Construction details

1. Fused Cell EPS Core // Closed-cell EPS core provides more response + flotation
2. Clear HD-Epoxy Resin // Epoxy resin system with high thermo-mechanical performances
3. High Quality E-Glass Fiberglass // E-glass has the highest strength-to-weight ratio available
4. Full Biax Deck Patch (45° / -45°) // The Biax fiberglass distributes power + protects from dings
5. UD Carbon Stringer or Wood Stringer // Distributes power + adds pop + adds break strength
6. FCS II or FUTURES Fin Boxes // Takes just seconds to insert and remove the fins
7. Hand-Finished // Machine-shaped, hand-laminated, and hand-finished

Construction video

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