Mickey Munoz The Glide - NFT 10'6" x 24.4" x 3.35" - 101L   Aroona Surf, Sydney
Mickey Munoz The Glide - NFT    Aroona Surf, Sydney
Mickey Munoz
The Glide - NFT

Mickey Muñoz is a pioneer in more ways than one. Aside from being part of the original crew that braved the elusive Waimea Bay in 1957, his newfangled approach to wave riding led him to trademark his own maneuvers and stances. Being bred on the long lines of Malibu, his small wave antics were backed up by his love for the Hawaiian juice. After all, he’d been making annual island pilgrimages since 1954.While most of his peers were slugging it out on 10-foot noseriders, Muñoz was spotted experimenting on the 6’8” he shaped for his son. He also built boards for Hobie Surfboards. Despite his entrenchment in the budding SoCal surf scene, Muñoz remained true to the original stoke of waveriding during the ’70s and ’80s before resurfacing in the early-’90s to the legendary icon status he truly deserved. Presently, Muñoz continues to design surfboards and lives in Capistrano Beach.

Natural Fiber Technology (NFT) is not only made with natural composite reinforcements but it got an amazing natural feel. Half of the reinforcement by volume on these boards is made from naturally derived fibers. The other half is composed of E glass and the whole lot is layered up and vacuum bagged under pressure to maximize the bond and minimize any excess resin, allowing for an incredible strength-to-weight ratio. The natural fiber not only replaces a good chunk of what would otherwise be fiberglass but also improves dampening for a predictable, natural response. There is an elegance to the simple aesthetic to the layup that is matched only by its ride.