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Omni SLX

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Product Description

Omni is Latin for ‘All’ or ‘every’ and it perfectly describes the board Alain Teurquetil and the NSP R&D team created with this versatile game changer.

Omni design

Combining the nose of NSP’s renowned and multiple world title-winning race boards, a cleverly designed hybrid rocker and the tail from the High Roller longboard surfing SUP.

The result is a capable shape that rides waves well, cruises on flat or bumpy ocean water with effortless stability and an efficient speedy glide and is also the perfect board to train with- and enter your first races.

A Pro Carbon entrance into the sport comes at a price, and while Pro Carbon is the fastest on the water, it does take a level of expertise to leverage its weight and design to the full extent. Up until that point, up-and-coming racers, juniors and recreational athletes are well-served with the NSP Omni for their training regime.

Whether you are a club racer or like to train solo, with four different sizes and SLX construction, there is a perfect Omni for you to progress on.

Accessories Included

Surf Race Fin 20"


Length Width Thickness Volume Weight +/- 5%
12'6" 26" 6 ⁷/¹⁶" 211 Liters 9.89 Kg
12'6" 28" 6 ⁷/¹⁶" 226 Liters 10.48 Kg
14' 25" 6 ⁵/¹⁶" 245 Liters 11.18 Kg
14' 27" 6 ⁵/¹⁶" 263 Liters 12.42 Kg




More than just a single board, the Omni is accessible, comfortable, and an effective choice, regardless of where you are and what the conditions look like.

Available in two 12’6 and two 14’ options, your Omni features a low center of gravity for comfort, ease of use and stability.

The Omni features SLX Carbon construction

This new construction technology combines the rigidity of the Pro Carbon Raceboards and the durability of the SLX Flax construction, creating a board that performs and won’t be affected by the occasional paddle hit or other kind of impact.

– SLX Carbon Construction adds strength and reduces weight
– Unidirectional (UD) carbon rails for an increase in rigidity and durability
– Carbon innegra nose- and tail reinforcements for additional impact protection
– Fiberglass T-stringers for additional stiffness
– Ledge handle for convenient carrying and transport
– Bungee cord to secure loose items
– Thermoformed EVA deck for added grip
– Low center of gravity for comfort and stability

The Omni features a flat deck design, with slightly raised rails for added structural integrity. Having a few extra centimeters also helps to protect your feet from unwanted splash water.

NSP Omni Construction Diagram


– Thermoformed tail pad with arch bar
– 10″ Center fin box with Surf Race 20 fin
– Bungee cord for touring cargo (or trash collecting)
– Ledge handle for convenient handling outside the water

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