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The Elements Allrounder is your ultimate allround SUP – a perfect blend of fun wave performance and flatwater paddling glide makes this board suitable for the two biggest applications in Stand-Up paddling.

• Proven outline with semi-pointed surf style nose with moderate nose lift, a forward wide point for stability and easy paddling.
• Single to double concave bottom and a light vee through the tail generates speed quickly and maintains smooth flow from turn to turn.
• Fin box options to optimize the conditions or to suit your preferred surf fin set up.
• From flatwater cruising to fun surf days at the beach – the NSP Allrounder series has you covered.
• Two plugs on deck to attach a PFD (Personal Floatation Device) for 10’0″, 10’6″, 10’11″
• Nose insert for GoPro

9" fin for 10'6"/10'11" and 8" for 9'2/10'0"

2x MFC-shaped side bites


Length Width Thickness Volume Weight +/- 5%
9'2'' 29 ³/⁸" 4 ¹/²" 129.5 Litres 8.72 Kg
10'0'' 32" 4 ¹/⁴" 169 Litres 10.39 Kg
10'6'' 32" 4 ¹/²" 187.7 Litres 11.07 Kg
10'11'' 32 ¹/⁴" 4 ¹/¹⁶" 186.1 Litres 11.10 Kg


This shape features a wide, round tail, which is a compromise between a big wave tail and a more performance-oriented tail like the squash tail. The little extra volume compared to a pintail or swallowtail creates more lift, translating into a SUP that is faster and easier to turn.

More importantly, with its round, continuous curves, the water still wraps around this tail without getting released out the back too quickly, giving you hold.

The Elements Allrounder comes with a nylon 3-fin set, but the five-box fin cluster allows for unlimited tuning potential. So whatever your spot is looking like, set up your Allrounder to make the most out of your session.

Allrounders come with NSP’s FTU fin boxes (compatible with Futures® Fins). Each board is supplied with MFC designed nylon side bites and a centre fin.

Elements Allrounder Profile

Allrounder Outline
Elements AllrounderElements AllrounderElements AllrounderElements AllrounderElements AllrounderElements AllrounderElements Allrounder Aqua Deck AngleElements Allrounder Aqua NoseElements Allrounder Aqua TailElements Allrounder Aqua Fin BoxElements Allrounder Aqua Tail Close upElements Allrounder Aqua Logo

Elements Allrounder Construction

Durability, value and performance – the go-to board for any recreational paddler. The EPS SecureCell core is wrapped in lightweight fiberglass and molded creating a durable shell.

The ultimate choice for retailers looking to stock a single SUP range. Offers the recreational market great performance shapes at attractive prices. The amazing blend of construction features including eco-friendly bio-resin is a game-changer in its category.

2022 Elements Allrounder SUP Construction


“Elements” stands for durability, lasting value and performance – the go-to board for any weekend warrior.

Precise and ultra-durable. Elements moulding technology delivers accurate shape reproduction with dynamic flex characteristics.

EPS SecureCell core is wrapped in lightweight fiberglass and moulded, creating a durable shell.

Wide fiberglass stringer for extra strength.

Compatible with Futures® Fins

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