Airwave Rear Wing Trim Shim Kit - 3pcs

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Shim trim kit - 3 pieces

Most hydrofoils in the market are set to a single AOA (angle of attack) at the back wing, usually varying between one- and three degrees. The NSP Airwave is different, as it comes with three precision tuning shims, allowing the rider to adjust the AOA of the back wing to customize the balance between lift, speed and sustained glide.

For example, the 3° shim (black) allows for pumping with maximum efficiency, but is slower and at higher speeds, it generates too much lift, requiring continuous counteracting by applying front foot pressure. Switching to the 1° shim (silver) gives less lift, is harder to pump but offers maximum speed. The 2° shim (orange) is the most neutral of the three, it’s the base line we design all our foils to and is the best place to start as in regular surfing, each shim has its own feel and performance characteristics.

Since a hydrofoil moves on three axes instead of the usual two in surfing, we recommend you experiment with the different shims as your skills develop.

These are NSP Airwave accessories.

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