Neo Speed Egg Softworks


Product Description

The 'Neo Speed Egg' is an all-round design with a relaxed entry rocker for ease of paddle plus a slight lift and a snubbed off nose to reduce catching in critical part of the wave. The clean "eggy" outline has an accented forward placed wide point for effortless paddle and trim, tapered into a round, or round pin tail for fluidity, flow, and control when it counts. The bottom is a subtle roll vee to double vee combination, with a single fin or 2+1 fin configuration, all combining to create a speedy all-rounder that flows, glides and planes in a wide range of locations and conditions. This board suits your transitioning surfer, through to your experienced short/small board rider that wants a flowing, fast mid length board. 

Models are fitted with FUTURES fin system, and include a composite 2 + 1 fin set with purchase.


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