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Product description

The Fungzetti is high-end European luxury supercar energy manifest in surfboard form. The plan-shape inspiration came from Misfit’s previous team favorites. Mitch Coleborn, a surfer’s surfer who defined a generation with aggressive free surfing and game-changing appearances in surf films like Modern Collective, Cluster, BS! and Stranger Than Fiction, spent years fi ne-tuning those boards into a pro model that accentuates his surfing style. One of the most notable changes is the distribution of or disguising of foam. Mitch wanted the board to maintain volume without a full or boxy rail. So, Misfit blended the volume modern surfers are accustomed to with sensitive or hyper-responsive rails, resulting in a more domed deck than any of Misfits shortboards. That thickness along the stringer means retained volume for paddle power and a more forgiving ride, but the rails are medium to low for sensitivity and reactive rail feel. The other notable update is a slightly wider outline. We need to stress, it’s only slight, this board is amped up performance machinery. So, let’s refer to this width as “curve”, which is continuous from nose to tail, with slightly more width up front, which aids in paddle and forward momentum. This is then blended into a swallowtail for the perfect combination of release and control. The bottom features a single concave from nose to tail cause she is all about wearing speedos. This concave is accented between the feet, which works to flatten the rocker for more controlled drive. Fin placements are also adjusted to offset drive and lift, enabling incredible release and projection out the tail. The last but all-important design feature is the rocker, which is a medium to continuous rocker with the apex close to the fi n area for early and fast acceleration, which is great for generating speed quickly as well as improved carry over fatter sections. This is a board that has been designed by one of the best free surfers of our generation, but it actually transitions perfectly and accommodates your everyday surfer. She’s a beautifully balanced board, offset in all the right areas to give maximum performance and forgiveness.



Construction details

Whether you’re a primitivist á la Gauguin or a minimalist like Mies Van der Rohe we know you believe the essence of a thing is it’s true value and that kitsch accoutrement is for the birds. You know that real creative expression happens on the wave and what you need is great design and purist performance. Bienvenu à Primitek. By keeping the construction simple we’ve found our boards built in Primatek perform as an extension of surfers’ instincts. Intuitively connecting your imagination and ability in a creative collision of a primal past and an ethereal future, Primitek is the blank slate and firm foundation for you to build your masterpiece.

Construction video

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