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An exercise in pure hydrodynamics, reducing drag by optimized release and maximum speed sub foil also means less drag when riders touch down, allowing them to relaunch quickly and smoothly.

The nose features a refined double concave hydro hull transitioning to a flat rocker with chinned rails that are cut away one-third above the rounded cut-away tail reducing surface area and drag. Despite the reduced length, the fuller outline and rail maintain volume to assist starts and recovery in rough water and combined with the bottom, the take-off is as smooth as silk and gives riders confidence to push hard.

The concave deck is comfortable and ultra-responsive to rider input. Combined with a new deck pad and included MFC foot straps, the Hot Shot is the perfect board together with NSP’s new Fireball Airwing to take your wing foiling to the next level.

Hot Shot Design:

• The volume distribution is designed to reduce the board’s swing weight when you are on the foil and allows for quick directional changes and gybes.
• Directional efficiency when you are off the foil, so all applied forces convert into forward movement.
• Enough buoyancy and stability to recover in rough water and stay comfortable when you are not on the foil.
• Thermoformed EVA deck pad with pronounced kick tail and side wedges.
• Twin track foil tuning guide.
• Multi-positioning foot strap inserts mid-deck and tail.

The NSP Hot Shot is an Alain Teurquetil design.


2x MFC Foot strap


Length Width Thickness Volume Weight +/- 5%
4'10" 22 ¹/²" 4 ¹/¹⁶" 55 Litres 4.94kg (EST)
5'0" 24" 4 ⁹/¹⁶" 68 Litres 5.44kg (EST)
5'2" 25 ¹/²" 4 ⁷/⁸" 81 Litres 5.94kg (EST)
5'4" 27" 5 ³/¹⁶" 94 Litres 6.50kg (EST)
5'6" 28 ¹/²" 5 ³/¹⁶" 107 Litres 7.00kg (EST)

Hot Shot Construction

• Leash plug
• Compact shape for pumping.
• Bevelled rails for quick water release and bounce backs.
• 3/4 length EVA deck pad – grip where needed.
• Tactile and visual stance references.
• Multiple foot strap insert positions – Ride with 1, 2, or 3 straps, half straps, or no straps.
• Mounting tracks embedded in high-density closed-cell PVC blocks.
• 13” reinforced twin tracks for a fully adjustable setup, made easier to remember with the scale printed on the board.
• Tail kick pad – perfect for riding without straps.
• Quick release track mount – detach your foil without removing the bolts.
• Hybrid carbon technology – lighter weight construction for stiffness, maneuverability, and glide.
• Hydro hull is a combination of increased “V”, subtle double concave, and cut-away double-edged chine rails and tail.
• Integrated bottom and deck SUP handles for easy transportation – carry your Hot Shot with one hand and your wing with the other.

2023 Foil Construction Hot Shot

Hot Shot Profile

Hot Shot Board Profile

Hot Shot Features

NSP Hot Shot Wing Foil Pro Deck AngleNSP Hot Shot Wing Foil Pro NoseNSP Hot Shot Wing Foil Pro Foot MarkNSP Hot Shot Wing Foil Pro TailNSP Hot Shot Wing Foil Pro Fin boxNSP Hot Shot Wing Foil Pro Carbon Stringer Bottom

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