Gemini Twin - PU

Size | Volume:

The Gemini Twin looks retro but has modern performance. You could almost say it
has a split personality!

NSP's new Pin-tailed twin fin is a blend of retro and modern design elements, and it's
built to perform with a heavy helping of usability and fun on top. Featuring a late
70’s / early 80’s beak nose and flat deck with a stepped rail it transitions to a rolled
flat deck through to the pin tail.

Rail: Full
Bottom: Single- to V
Level: Beginner - Expert
Wave type: 2-5ft

The forward apex rocker and volume in the nose maintain a good amount of volume
under your chest for maximum paddle power. Spicing this up with a single / double
concave to V out the exit is like putting a high-tech motor in a classic car. Old school
cool with speed to burn!
Made to be ridden in small to medium-sized waves the Gemini Twin is a great take on
the modern twin fin regardless of your star sign.

Performance Keels for mega drive or upright twins for a little more vertical performance


Absolutely gorgeous looking handmade boards, benefiting from vintage construction techniques with some very current deep gloss color tints.

Traditional custom shaped polyurethane (PU) core.

High-quality materials finished with a satin rub for a custom board finish.

Wood center stringer for strength, flex and rigidity, tying together the traditional PU build.

NSP-designed FTU fin boxes (compatible with Futures®)