Dark Twinn - Dual Core - Classic

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Product description

Drawing design influence from Ben Aipa’s /Dane Kealoha wing twin from the mid-late 70’s and Swing thruster of the 90’s, the Dark Twinn is the next step in the evolution of Alternative Performance Shortboard design, developed to be a dominant performance-groveler hybrid.

The Dark Twinn’s sleek / active outline, winged thumb tail rear section, moderate rocker, full-lower apex rail, and staged bottom contour create a lively yet controlled planning surface,  while the combination of wing to fin placement,wing flute and heavy vee with double concave out the tail creates an intuitive tipping point for your backfoot to transfer rail to rail effortlessly with minimal pressure for tight in the pocket reactions or long drawn out carves.

These design elements and Twin+trailer fin set up translate seamlessly for surfers at intermediate to professional level. Noted as feeling “like a free feeling thruster”, the Dark Twinn gives surfers the ability to tap into a more fluid and dynamic side of high performance surfing.

The Dark Twinn proved its dominance by winning Surf-n-Show’s board of the year in 2022. From competition to freestyle, this model has been proven by AIPA team rider and one of Hawaii’s best, Kekoa Cazimero surfing his Dark Twinn at Ala Moana Bowls in a QS scoring nothing less than 8.0 rides throughout his heats. All the way to Central Coast team rider Joel Bishop surfing in gutless Pismo Beach, California like it's easy.

Wave range: Average to above average/ waist high to powerful overhead.

Use in conditions you would either use your standard shortboard or groveler.

Fin configuration:  FCS 2, fins not included. Twin+trailer/ suggest twin setup only up to shoulder high and adding a trailer fin for over shoulder high.

Design Range: 5’0” to 6’4”

Target Sizing: 1-2” below standard shortboard with 1/2L to 1L added volume depending on skill level.



Construction details

1. Fused Cell EPS Core (Dual-Core w/PU Rails) // Closed cell EPS core provides more response + Flotation
2. Clear HD-Epoxy Resin // Epoxy resin system with high thermo-mechanical performances
3. High Quality E-Glass Fiberglass // E-glass has the highest strength to weight ratio available
4. Full Biax Deck Patch (45° / -45°) // The Biax fiberglass distributes power + protects from dings
5. Pop-Flex Stringer (TPU) // TPU adds pop + feel / EVA adds dampening + feel
6. PU Foam Rail Inserts (Dual-Core w/EPS Center)// PU rails adds drive in and out of turns + swing weight for airs
7. Carbon Stringer // Distributes power + protects from dings + adds break strength
8. Carbon Tail Patches // Distributes power to the fins + protects from toe/heel dings
9. Patented Technology // An exclusive technology by Surftech

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