Twin Fin - Dual Core

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Product description

The Twin Fin / Dual-Core was designed by Britt Merrick based on a shape his father Al Merrick had designed in the late 70’s. He added a modern feel to it for more positive drive and carving. The Fusion Dual-Core technology gives it more float than it’s traditional PU counterpart with flex and smooth rail when you want for speed and hard turns. The Twin Fin is a fast and fun wave catching machine.

 FCS2 - fin system


Construction details

1. Fused Cell EPS Core (Dual-Core w/PU Rails) // Closed cell EPS core provides more response + Flotation
2. Clear HD-Epoxy Resin // Epoxy resin system with high thermo-mechanical performances
3. High Quality E-Glass Fiberglass // E-glass has the highest strength to weight ratio available
4. Full Biax Deck Patch (45° / -45°) // The Biax fiberglass distributes power + protects from dings
5. Pop-Flex Stringer (TPU) // TPU adds pop + feel / EVA adds dampening + feel
6. PU Foam Rail Inserts (Dual-Core w/EPS Center)// PU rails adds drive in and out of turns + swing weight for airs
7. Carbon Stringer // Distributes power + protects from dings + adds break strength
8. Carbon Tail Patches // Distributes power to the fins + protects from toe/heel dings
9. Patented Technology // An exclusive technology by Surftech

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