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Product Description

“We have had so many guys come back so stoked on riding the board they originally bought for their daughter!”
Carl Schaper

Bottom: Soft roll to mid-V to double concave
Rider: Beginner – pro
Wave Type: 1-6ft

Butter Knife Design

The Nature Flex Butter Knife with its classic outlines, perfect performance longboard rockers, and well-thought-out volumes is suitable for all abilities. Surfers get to ride these as single fins in the smaller conditions and discover their nose-riding potential.

And when it gets a bit punchier, you can just slip in the side bites and you have a perfect riding board for just about all conditions. As a thruster, a Butter Knife is balanced and predictable. Pop in a quad setup and use a bucketload of speed and increased bite to your advantage.

Butter Knife Fin setup

The Butter Knife comes in three sizes and a 4+1 fin configuration enabling you to be creative in your setup as a quad or thruster. NSP positioned the Surf 10 fin box slightly further back to make it available for a thruster set-up

Available with FTU fin boxes and are compatible with Futures Fins (fins not included).

High-Performance accessories by NSP

Scroll to the bottom of the page for additional interesting shapes and suitable high-performance fins for the Butter Knife by NSP


Length Width Thickness Volume Weight +/- 5%
8'0" 21³/⁴" 2³/⁴" 55 Liters 5.83 Kg EST
8'6" 22" 3" 64.5 Liters 6.06 Kg EST

    Additional Information

    Who’s the Butter Knife Nature Flex for?

    Riders looking for a mini-mal with a deeper performance envelope are well-advised to check out the Butter Knife. With its classic outlines, perfect performance longboard rockers, and thought-out volumes, the Butter Knife is a shape for riders of all abilities looking for a mid-length that works and performs on smaller days.

    Built from Paulownia wood sheets with a bamboo stringer, a Nature Flex Butter Knife is a durable longboard with fine-grained, warp-resistant hard wood. Looking good on the outside, it features a SecureCell EPS core on the inside. With its high strength-to-weight ratio, it offers exceptional compressive and flexural strength plus dimensional stability characteristics.

    Butter Knife Nature Flex Features

    – Classic shape outline with the perfect amount of nose volume

    – Beautiful pinstripe accent

    – Pulled-in performance tail with 4 x FTU fin boxes and surf 10 box

    – Strong, durable, and lightweight Paulownia wood skin

    NSP Nature Flex Butter Knife NoseNSP Nature Flex Butter Knife Wood TextureNSP Nature Flex Butter Knife LogoNSP Butter Knife Nature Flex leash plugNSP Butter Knife Nature Flex Leash PlugNSP Butter Knife Nature Flex Fin Box

    Shapers Union

    Carl Schaper

    Shaper’s Union

    The Butter Knife is a Shaper’s Union creation, a collaboration between NSP and world-class shapers like Carl Schaper. Established to bring new energy and high-performance to the surf line-up, Shapers Union is NSP’s way to showcase the incredible skill and talent of some of the most accomplished shapers in the world.

    Design philosophy
    “Keep it simple, stay neutral and make sure the boards are fast. Get the right board for the right guy for the right conditions.”
    Carl Schaper

    Residing on the island of Oahu, Carl Schaper operates from the legendary Sugar Mill, creating longboard shapes, guns and mini mals for surfing royalty from Hawaii and beyond. His knowledge of shaping and construction is an essential part of the Shapers Union DNA.

    Shapers' Union Thunderbolt logo

    Nature Flex Construction

    Butter Knife Nature Flex construction diagram

    NSP’s Nature Flex technology is the latest in our eco-friendly line of surfboard constructions.  Consumers will now have an eco-alternative.

    Nature Flex lay-ups consist of a strong, SecureCell EPS core, which benefits the environment by minimizing foam cut-offs and foam dust waste. The core is reinforced with a 6mm bamboo wood stringer and wrapped in strong, durable, and warp-resistant Paulownia wood skin.

    The result is a state-of-the-art surfboard shape, with an eco-friendly footprint and a classic design.

    Nature Flex Construction diagram

    Butter Knife Nature Flex Video

    Butter Knife profile

    CSE Butter Knife

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