Big Boy Sting - Fusion HD

Fin Box:
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Product Description:

A favored model for the 210 pounds plus surfer, the Big Boy Sting is designed for the big boys and girls who want to maximize power without giving up maneuverability.

Proven to perform by Ben Aipa on the south shore on Oahu, The Big Boy Sting was designed by Ben in the late ‘90s and underwent heavy testing through the ‘2000s. After minor refinements and 100’s of boards built, the Big Boy Sting is now considered the most iconic Aipa design.


Thickness where it counts and tapered rails combined with a pulled-in nose and tail allow the Big Boy Sting to turn tight and fast in the pocket. The Big Boy Sting is no puffed-up old guy board; instead, it is a high-performance power surfer’s precision weapon with extra bulk added only where it is needed. We’ve added a swallow tail for extra control when stomping on the tail through powerful sections and decreased drag when driving off the bottom.


For the first time, the Big Boy Sting is now available in Surftech’s Fusion HD construction. A lightweight, durable epoxy build that adds extra liveliness to an already energetic design - check out the video on Fusion HD at the bottom of the page.


• 7'0" x 23.25" x 3.5" - 59.53L
• 7'4" x 23.63" x 3.63" - 66.36L
• 7'8" x 23.5" x 3.75" - 71.03L
• 8'0" x 23.38" x 3.81" - 74.95L
• 8'4" x 23.25" x 3.88" - 79.02L

Fin Box setup:

To ensure the board works in multiple conditions, AIPA set up the Big Boy Sting with a 4+1 fin setup. Riders can go with a quad fin setup when they need to skate across flat sections, or a 2 + 1 when they need extra control in powerful waves. 

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Construction video

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