Overdrive 9'1" - PU


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Bottom: Single concave to round V
Ideal waves: 1-6ft
Level: Intermediate to advanced

Overdrive PU Design:

The extra width in the nose, entry concave spiralling into a V through the diamond tail and performance rocker, complimented by low boxy rails creates a board that flows, releases and is easy to turn.

The NSP Overdrive PU is your performance longboard that works in a wide range of conditions, for a wide range of skill levels and styles.

Shapewise, this is the ultimate allrounder, designed as a competitive longboard with a focus on usability and performance. Your perfect choice from a first longboard to a first place.

About Tully

Tully’s shapes have been honed on the long-running walls of Noosa’s Surf Reserve and its many surrounding beach breaks – the ride and flow of this PU longboard design is unmistakable Tully:

“Try to think of a two-board longboard quiver, with the Sleep Walker being the other part for smaller, longer walled waves while the Overdrive also excels in beach breaks and more powerful conditions”
Tully St.John


The Overdrive tail section comes with a regular 2+1 setup, where the side bites are Futures compatible and the center fin is your classic US-10 box.

Scroll to the bottom of this page for additional fins and other options. 

Overdrive size chart






9'1" 221/2" 2 ³/⁴" 63.4 L 6.4kg



Absolutely gorgeous looking handmade boards, benefiting from vintage construction techniques with some very current deep gloss color tints.

Traditional custom shaped polyurethane (PU) core.

High-quality materials finished with a satin rub for a custom board finish.

Wood center stringer for strength, flex and rigidity, tying together the traditional PU build.

NSP-designed FTU fin boxes (compatible with Futures®)

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