Speed Egg Twin - Primitek


Product description

Similar to other eggs, but the Neo Speed Egg is a bit smaller, a bit nastier, and she loves Gaga – confidence and fun exude from this wild child. The Neo Speed Egg is an all-round design with a relaxed entry rocker for ease of paddle plus a slight lift and a snubbed off nose to reduce catching in critical parts of the wave. The clean “eggy” outline has an accented forward placed wide point for effortless paddle and trim. The diamond tail provides fluidity and control, while the points of the diamond accent the rail line, giving it more drive when combined with the twin fi n configuration. Effortless release and masses of speed are guaranteed. The bottom shape is the same subtle roll vee to double vee combination, which paired with the twin fi n, diamond tail + shortening of overall length, create an even livelier all-rounder that flows, glides, and positions in a wide range of locations and conditions. This board suits your transitioning surfer, through to your experienced short/ small board rider that wants a fast, flowing, dynamic mid-length. This spicy little board will have you feeling naughty with every wave.


Construction details

Whether you’re a primitivist á la Gauguin or a minimalist like Mies Van der Rohe we know you believe the essence of a thing is it’s true value and that kitsch accoutrement is for the birds. You know that real creative expression happens on the wave and what you need is great design and purist performance. Bienvenu à Primitek. By keeping the construction simple we’ve found our boards built in Primatek perform as an extension of surfers’ instincts. Intuitively connecting your imagination and ability in a creative collision of a primal past and an ethereal future, Primitek is the blank slate and firm foundation for you to build your masterpiece.

Construction video