MFC Thermoform Traction Pad

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Traction pads have a dual function. First off, there’s holding your foot on the board. That’s the traction part. But especially your back foot will exert a lot of power on your surfboards, which is going to dent and damage it over time. A traction pad, no matter how thin it is, will spread the force exerted more evenly on the board’s surface. This means fewer dents, less cracking and ultimately, a board that you can enjoy for a much longer period of time.

MFC introduces a full range of traction pads for any surfboard unlike anything else available on the market. At 3mm, the MFC pads are the thinnest on the market and deliver the most direct response you can find.  

Thermoform construction of the EVA pad and heat laminated grip beads deliver unprecedented durability and grip, giving you more control than ever before.

Choose from a variety of colors to match your style, and the option of wide or slim pads depending on the board you’re intending to upgrade with some high-quality EVA traction pads by MFC.