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The Haydenshapes Loot foamy has similar features as the Haydenshapes Plunder model another small-wave shape from HS. With less width in the nose and a 3-fin setup, it makes a much more versatile design. The Loot Foamy is available in blue and black foam, along with the dotted texture (no wax required).

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About the Haydenshapes Loot Foamy

According to Haydenshapes, “the LOOT is a small-wave shape and a perfect companion for gutless, lacklustre conditions”. This board changes in shape depending on size, with the short sizes being relatively wider and the larger sizes warping into a lengthier shape. In our experience, the Loot Foamy performs well in unfavorable waves, but when conditions turn up to something that’s perfectly surfable, your loot Foamy will hold up and there’s no need to get out your hardboard(s).

Haydenshapes Loot Foamy

The Loot comes with Future fin boxes and a set of three fins, allowing you to use your current fins or use the included thruster set, mix & match or come up with combinations the conditions require

Why Foam

There is a lot to learn on any board before a surfer is ready to rip and shred. Before you do, there are tons of reasons to ride foam. Injuring yourself or others is next to impossible with a foamie. Wax is not required on the Haydenshapes Loot Foamy, in fact, most softops really shouldn’t be waxed. Foamies ride foamier waves (heyhey!) easier, and don’t require the power of breaking waves to ride properly – Foamies have more floatation and require less timing than epoxy sticks.

Haydenshapes Loot Soft Size Chart

Length Width Thickness Volume
5’0″ 20″ 2.625″ 30 L
5’6″ 21″ 2.75″ 36 L
6’0″ 21.625″ 3.125″ 46 L
6’6″ 21.75″ 3.25″ 52 L
7’0″ 22.25″ 3.25″ 58 L
8’0″ 23″ 3.75″ 80 L

Haydenshapes Loot Soft Construction

  • Double-thick solid bamboo stringers with fiberglass reinforcement.
  • 4mm IXPE soft deck with tried &tested dot texture for extra grip
  • Chemical heat welding layer
  • Waterproof high-density CNC EPS foam core
  • HDPE Slick bottom with printed branding
  • Mesh layer reinforcement
Included Accessories
3x Futures fins